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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Aug 4, 2021

Eric Byres of aDolus joins Dale Peterson on the Unsolicited Response Show to discuss the Biden Administration's actions on improving ICS security.

The first half of the show discusses the National Security Memorandum on ICS Security issued on July 28th. What it means for asset owners sending monitored data to the USG, the impact of a set of goals and controls, and the urging of Congress to pass legislation to give the Executive Branch universal across critical infrastructure ICS regulatory authority.


National Security Memorandum

Background Briefing on NSM

The second half focuses on Executive Order 14028 issued earlier in the year. aDolus has put out a very useful timeline that tracks all of the deliverables. Eric focuses on the supply chain measures and how this might impact asset owners and ICS vendors.


aDolus EO 14028 Timeline

aDolus blog series on EO14028 

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