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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

David White, Co-Founder and CEO of Axio, joins Dale on the Unsolicited Response show to discuss cyber risk quantification. Axio makes the bold statement, "Quick time to value: quantify risk in hours not months; board reports readily available in minutes".

Dale digs in on their approach do to this, how they deal with the...

Mar 16, 2022

Dale Peterson's guest on the Unsolicited Response show is Sergio Caltagirone, VP of Threat Intel at Dragos.  

  • What is good threat intel?
  • How does threat intel "reduce harm by reducing operational meantime to recovery"?
  • Should an asset owner care about the various threat actors named by Dragos, Mandiant and others?
  • Does...

Mar 15, 2022

My weekly article originally published on 15 March 2022.

Mar 9, 2022

Dan Geer and Olav Lysne join Dale Peterson to discuss Cyber Nationalism and how this will affect ICS asset owners and ICS vendors should and will deal with increased pressure by nation states to insert back doors and other weaknesses in ICS.

  • Why would a vendor even consider cooperating with a government asking for a...

Mar 8, 2022

Dale Peterson's weekly article suggests we develop a list of actions to take when the threat has a significant increase. He provides some examples of what should and should not be on that list.

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