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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Mar 22, 2023

Dale Peterson interviewed Puesh Kumar on the S4x23 Main Stage. Puesh is the Director of the US Dept of Energy's Cybersecurity, Energy Security, & Emergency Response (CESER). The lead US Government OT cybersecurity agency in the energy sector.

After Puesh gives a 3 minute overview on CESER, they dig into it.

  • How are they measuring CRISP's detection and analysis progress? Has it stopped or limited the impact of any attacks?
  • What is one of the CESER programs that didn't work and what did they learn from it?
  • Why is the US Government testing products for GE, Hitachi and other large companies and questioning the results.
  • The push for Cyber Informed Engineering and what success looks like
  • Competing with industy
  • and more ... CESER is tackling a lot so there was much to squeeze into 30 minutes