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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

Dale's interview with Michael Fischerkeller, co-author of the bood Cyber Persistence Theory. The first half of the interview digs into Cyber Persistence Theory.

  • Why Michael believes cyber is a new and third strategic environment (in addition to conventional and nuclear)
  • What is meant by cyber being an environment of exploitation and not coercion
  • The theory's different use of initiative and why the theory believes it is the important element to winning ("initiative rather than restraint is necessitated")
  • How a series of smaller, fait accompli, actions that are not responded to can have a strategic-level cumulative effect

The second half of the interview looks at what the world will look like and what asset owners should do if multiple nations believe in and act on this Cyber Persistence Theory. 

  • Michael argues it already is in place and the US is late to the game
  • Persistence presence in critical infrastructure would not "cross the threshold"
  • How organizations will reach a cyber agreed competition
  • Will this be escalatory (Michael says no)

Dale believes this is an incredibly important theory to understand because it is taking hold in the world's major powers.


Cyber Persistence Theory book