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Unsolicited Response Podcast

May 15, 2018

The buzzwords "cyber hygiene" is being said and written by many of the guru's in the ICS security community. It's hard to argue that basic hygiene is bad, but what is and isn't cyber hygiene?

I recorded a 3-person pod with Marty Edwards of the Automation Federation and Michael Toecker of Context Industrial Security. They were selected because they used the term, and all three of us had different views on what cyber hygiene means and the usefulness of the term. For example is applying security patches cyber hygiene? Is there a difference between cyber hygiene and cyber maintenance.

Amazingly, for three experienced and opinionated people, we all ended up changing our viewpoint and reached a basic agreement. Take a listen and see if you agree with where we ended up.


This episode was sponsored by CyberX. Founded by military cyber experts with nation-state expertise defending critical infrastructure, CyberX has developed an end-to-end platform for continuous ICS threat monitoring and risk mitigation.

Check out the CyberX Global ICS and IIoT Risk Report and my podcast from last year on the report with Phil Neray.