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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

Chris Blask has a long career bringing new ideas to reality. He currently is Vice President of Strategy at Cybeats, who has a SBOM Studio product.

Cybeats is different in that SBOM Studio does not create SBOMs. This requires SBOMs to be available from somewhere, and Dale & Chris spend a lot of the podcast talking about the SBOM market today and in the future.

  • What percentage of the OT software solutions have SBOMs today? What will that number be in three years, five years, seven years?
  • When will the top 10% asset owners be able to be get value worth the effort from SBOMs and related tools and information?
  • What will the SBOM marketplace look like?
  • the project

Of course being Dale and Chris, they deviate into a lot of other topics. Such as Chris's quotes:

  • “Security comes through transparency and automation”
  • “2020, this is the last decade of cybersecurity” “the last decade when entirely new fields will be discovered” I think we have covered the field.