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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Sep 2, 2020

We hear it all the time. OT is different than IT, and IT doesn't understand OT. People argue about IT/OT convergence. In all these discussions I believe two things are true.

  1. OT doesn't really understand IT, and the similar, but not identical, requirements that mission critical IT has with OT.
  2. OT can actually learn a lot from IT.

So I wanted to discuss this with someone with significant experience in both OT and IT security. Lesley Carhart of Dragos was a great choice. Before Dragos she worked for Motorola and was involved with incident response for both OT and mission critical IT.

I talk and opine a bit more than normal in this episode because I have strong feelings on this topic.

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Lesley Carhart on Twitter: @hacksforpancakes

Lesley Carhart personal website

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