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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Dec 13, 2017

This episode is a bit different. Rob Lee of Dragos and I have been having a friendly argument on a number of topics:

  • the true risk of a cyber attack on the electric sector that affects the ability to deliver power (as well as the risk of cyber attack on other sectors)
  • the value, or lack thereof, of the ICS Detection Challenge that will take place at S4x18
  • how an asset owner should evaluate ICS detection solutions if not in a manner similar to the Challenge
  • whether or not most ICS detection solutions are doing behavioral analytics
  • the value and accuracy of ICS threat information

There are areas where our disagreements are nuanced, and there are other areas where we just flat out disagree.

I appreciate Rob engaging in such a candid discussion. I'm sure some listeners will agree with Rob and others with me, and this may change based on the particular issue in the podcast. And I hope it makes all listeners think a bit about these issues.

As always send any feedback and suggestions for future episodes to