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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Dec 21, 2022

Ralph Langner joins Dale on the Unsolicited Response Show to discuss Asset Management. They begin with the need for more exploration in OT, and more failures. After that they tackle:

- Why Ralph decided to shift his company and focus from consulting / speaking to product

- Is his OT Base, and asset management, a security product?

- What are the elements of asset management? Do they all belong in one product?

- OT, asset management and other, with ServiceNow and other enterprise solutions dealing with ticketing and human process management (this was Dale's favorite part of the show)

- Power BI integration, dashboards what are they good for?

- Other asset management integrations including OT detection solutions

As with any conversation with Ralph (and Dale) there are plenty of analysis and opinions that may be out of the mainstream. 



- Langner's OT Base

- Ralph's TED Talk on Stuxnet 

- Ralph's S4x12 Stuxnet Deep Dive

- Robust Control System Networks

- To Kill A Centrifuge

- Art Manion, Dale and Ralph on Automating Patch Analysis

- Dale's ICS-Patch Decision Tree (What to patch when in ICS)