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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

In this episode Dale Peterson interviews Sandworm author and Wired Senior Writer Andy Greenberg on the S4x20 Main Stage. They focus on the ICS issues in the story.

The discussion includes:

  • What led Andy to write this book?
  • What response did people he interviewed want to these Sandworm attack? Did he think any of these proposed responses would be effective?
  • Should NATO Articles 4 and 5 been triggered in any of these European cyber attacks?
  • Interviews with Obama and Trump officials on cyber norms to agree not to do things like attack critical infrastructure. (They didn't want to do this; they wanted to have the option to do it.)
  • The USG concept of defending forward.
  • False flags used in Sandworm attacks, and the future of false flags and misleading attribution.
  • Besides Sandworm, who were the villains in the book?
  • Why did he go and how scared was Andy when he went to Russia to see the building where Sandworm worked?