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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

My weekly article originally published on 2/22/22.


Feb 16, 2022

Two cyber insurance underwriters, Monica Tigleanu of Munich Re and Paul Gooch of Tokio Marine Kiln, join Dale Peterson on the Unsolicited Response show to talk cyber insurance.

Most of the episode discusses exclusions. Recently we had the high profile ruling that Merck's property policy in fact covered NotPetya losses...

Feb 15, 2022

My weekly article suggests that Level 0 / 1 monitoring and detection vendors should pivot to process variable anomaly detection.

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Feb 9, 2022

Tom Alrich dives deep on the items he works and writes about. For a long time it was NERC CIP, and he recently added SBOMs to his repertoire. We go deep and I think the business model portion may be the best and most accessible part of the episode.

1:21 The 2 main SBOM formats. There differences and what will win.


Feb 9, 2022

My article from 8 Feb 2022 looks at what the two most successful OT security product segments have in common.