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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

This was a very revealing panel on how the VC world is viewing the ICS security space. Many strong statements and feelings about where we are and what the future will be. 

The VC's were Bob Ackerman of AllegisCyber and Sameer Reddy of Energy Impact Partners. Both funds are active in the ICS security space.


Feb 23, 2021

Dale's weekly article published on 23 Feb 2022. He dives into why it is so difficult to value these companies, and the disconnect between any value investing analysis and the actual, what someone will pay, market valuation.

Feb 22, 2021

Total Power by Kyle Mills is a story about a successful cyber/physical attack on the US electric grid, the impact of a prolonged outage, and the effort to bring the power back and catch the bad guys. What impressed me most about the fun read is it pulled some key facts out of the mountain of grid-hacking FUD so that it...

Feb 18, 2021

This week's Unsolicited Response Show focuses on the issue that women are vastly underrepresented in ICS security and what we need to do to change this both in numbers and career paths and prospects. Kelly Jackson Higgins joins me to co-host this episode, and we have great guests including:

  • Kristin Demoranville
  • MJ...

Feb 16, 2021

Chapter 2 of Nicole Perlroth's new book was a dinner at S4x13 that I hosted. This article is my recollection of that dinner.