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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

Dale Peterson's guest on the Unsolicited Response show is Sergio Caltagirone, VP of Threat Intel at Dragos.  

  • What is good threat intel?
  • How does threat intel "reduce harm by reducing operational meantime to recovery"?
  • Should an asset owner care about the various threat actors named by Dragos, Mandiant and others?
  • Does it matter if it was Petrovite or Erythracite?
  • Why are the top recommendations in Dragos and other threat intel annual reports the typical, same as they always are, recommendations? What is the value if this is the case?
  • What does an asset owner need to have in place to make use of threat intel?
  • How does threat intel deal with the fact we are very bad at calculating or predicting likelihood?
  • Why did you feel the new Journal of Threat Intelligence and Incident Response was needed?