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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

You know IT / OT integration is getting serious when the popular IT apps and services add OT extensions. The latest is ServiceNow's new OT Management Product.

James Destro of ServiceNow joins Dale Peterson on the Unsolicited Response show to talk about two main things.

1) How does OT Management get the OT asset inventory information? (and what is the single source of truth for OT asset inventory)

2) Once the OT asset inventory is in ServiceNow what types of workflows are envisioned that would be a big benefit to the asset owner.


Operational Technology Management 1-pager:

Detailed documentation of the Operational Technology Classes:

Asset Inventory Integrations:!/store/integrations?freeTrial=service_graph_certified&offeredby=servicenow%253Bpartners

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