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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Jun 26, 2024

Dale Peterson interviews Rob Lee on the S4 Main Stage. They cover a lot of ground and Rob is never shy about sharing his opinions and analysis.
They discuss:

  • Rob’s first S4
  • PIPEDREAM deployed v. employed distinction … and why 2 years later is it still the most dangerous ICS malware?
  • Are we really more homogenous?
  • What makes a group something that Rob/Dragos tracks as an ICS focused attacker?
  • If the answer to intel is do the basics, do I need intel?
  • What ICS specific data was VOLTZITE exfiltrating?
  • What countries are targeting critical infrastructure? Is it realistic to expect any country to not target its adversaries CI?
  • Threat actors focused on manufacturing
  • How should an asset owner measure the effectiveness of their detection solution?