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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Will Hurd is a rarity with a tech background in someone who was elected to the US Congress, and even rarer in someone running for President. Will graduated Texas A&M with Computer Science degree. Worked as a Senior Adviser to the cybersecurity company FusionX, which was acquired by Accenture. More recently he was on the board of OpenAI.

This is probably one of the most technical interviews with a Presidential candidate you will hear. Dale asks Will:

  • How he would rate CISA's performance (he co-sponsored the bill to create CISA)?
  • Does the Executive Branch have the authority required to secure critical infrastructure?
  • His views on Cyber Command / DoD policy of "defend forward"?
  • The current level of Congress's technical literacy?
  • What type of cybersecurity legislation, if any, Congress should pass?