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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Jun 28, 2023

Josh Corman is the VP of Cyber Safety Strategy at Claroty, was the Chief Strategist of the CISA COVID Task Force, and founder of I Am The Cavalry. Josh and I dive into Healthcare Security, SBOMs and other topics. 

  • Can OT in healthcare be treated in a similar way as the factory, power plant, water treatment plant, ... ? 
  • The first fatality due to a cyber attack on a hospital.
  • Should we be focusing our efforts on reducing the impact if ransomware hits a healthcare facility? What is the equivalent to a steel reinforced cockpit door?
  • The PATCH Act (included in the Omnibus bill passed in Dec 2022) requiring medical device manufactures to provide a SBOM and a patching program. What is it? What will be the impact of this? (BTW, Josh changed my mind on this as a start to a long term impact)
  • Will the PATCH Act provisions delay approval of medical devices?
  • How accurate and complete are vendor generated SBOMs today? How will this be solved?
  • What will be the impact of SBOM mandates?
  • Differing views on the importance to society of attacks and outages in the agriculture / food industry
  • I Am The Cavalry turns 10.

We will need to have Josh back for a Part 2.