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Unsolicited Response Podcast

May 24, 2017

Dale Peterson interviewed John Matherly, the creator of Shodan, in Kuwait. Lots of good content with the breakdown of highlights and times:

3:10 What is Shodan?

4:45 John's background and why he started Shodan

9:10 Adding ICS to Shodan ... originally John  thought it was too risky

10:45 How fast he can add new ICS protocol support (less than a day)

13:00 Looking to add more support for medical devices

16:00 How are the customers using Shodan, external network monitoring is most common use case ... but few ICS related customers ... more ICS vendors

19:30 Does John see Shodan ever scanning an internal network?

21:00 Shodan does legitimate request scanning ... a proper handshake

24:45 What does he do when someone doesn't want Shodan to scan their address space?

27:30 What has been the industry impact of his Internet connected ICS map?

29:20 The number of Internet connected ICS has only increased since he has been tracking

32:15 The Omron example

35:00 What else are you going to do with all this data, the real value of Shodan's database 

38:15 John's request of the ICS Community

And at the end we get a bit into the weeds about what Shodan can and should do with various ICS protocol examples.