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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

Don Weber joins Dale Peterson to describe his IACS STAR Methodology to score the risk of a vulnerability to an ICS (or IACS in 62443-speak). It is a modification of the OWASP Risk Rating Methodology. Don has modified some of the 16-factors to create IACS STAR. The methodology and code is available on GitHub and a calculator is available on line.

Don and Dale discuss:

  • What Don likes about the OWASP Risk Rating
  • Potential issues with putting numbers to SME judgment
  • Differences between IACS STAR and the OWASP Risk Rating
  • The weighting of the 16 factors
  • The future of IACS STAR


Slides Discussed In The Show:

IACS STAR GitHub Repo:

IACS STAR Calculator:

Cutaway Security Website:

ICS-Patch Decision Tree: