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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

Total Power by Kyle Mills is a story about a successful cyber/physical attack on the US electric grid, the impact of a prolonged outage, and the effort to bring the power back and catch the bad guys. What impressed me most about the fun read is it pulled some key facts out of the mountain of grid-hacking FUD so that it was much more plausible than a typical work of fiction, and much reporting.

I couldn't get the author on, but I got another author in the genre and the person who recommended I read the book on the podcast, Bob Peterson aka my Dad. We talk about the plausibility, how authors do their research, how much detail to include in a work of fiction, the Mitch Rapp character created by Vince Flynn, and some other things in this short, fun episode.


- Total Power By Kyle Mills

- The Syndicate's Church and Deniable Justice by R.D. Peterson