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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

Andrew Ginter published his third book this year: Engineering-Grade OT Security. Dale interviews Andrew on the book including:

  • Who was the target reader that Andrew wrote the book for?
  • Do (should) professional engineers lose their licenses for poor and dangerous cybersecurity design and deployments?
  • The use of the term engineering grade, and how he defines it.
  • Unhackable protection and safety controls as a major part of engineering grade.
  • Unidirectional (one-way) network devices as the only security control listed as engineering grade. Is one-way from the enterprise network to the OT network engineering grade?
  • Given the ICSSTRIVE/Waterfall report that 75% of all cyber incidents affecting operations are due to ransomware on IT, should asset owners prioritize address this issue or engineering grade security first?
  • What is keeping Andrew working rather than retiring