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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Sep 20, 2023

Dale Peterson was recently interviewed by Jay Johnson of Sandia and Tom Tansy of the Sunspec Alliance as part of their distributed energy resources (DER) Sunspec webinar series. We covered a lot of issues and Dale was not shy in throwing out some analysis and opinions. After 5 minutes discussing the S4x24 ticket process, the topics discussed:
  • How DER will deal with the complex, large number of users and stakeholders PKI environment.
  • The Sunspec device security specification and the benefits of a limited, key set of security controls.
  • What is the role of government regulation to solve DER security issues?
  • The potential power of the utility companies to levy requirements and be a choke point for access.
  • The Patch Act, FDA and DER.
  • shift left and product liability due to security flaws
  • and more