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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Sep 6, 2023

Marina Krotofil recently published the paper Industrial Control Systems: Engineering Foundations and Cyber-Physical Attack Lifecycle which is a detailed paper on cyber attacks that cause a physical impact on the system being monitored and controlled. It took Marina 1.5 years to write this paper, which is more accurately described as a short book. We discuss:

  • the work she is doing to help Ukrainian critical infrastructure security during wartime
  • what got Marina interested in cyber-physical security 10+ years ago
  • the current understanding of cyber-physical in the OT security community
  • Chapter 2: Engineering Foundations as a great intro for those in IT to understand basic automation principles
  • Chapter 3: Very detailed explanation of a specific process (we don't spend much time on this)
  • The Cyber-Physical Attack Lifecycle with emphasis on the Damage Loop. "Plant shutdown is risky for the attacker as it may instigate an investigation"
  • Chapter 4.6 is a great conclusion