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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Matt Wyckhouse, CEO and Founder of Finite State, joined Dale Peterson to discuss the top three stories of the month and give a win, fail and prediction.

The first 6:30 Dale announces tickets for S4x22 are on sale and some of the changes to the three stages along the No Limits theme.

6:31 Topic 1 - QNX and Blackberry Vulnerabilities … their impact on OT and IIoT and what an asset owner should do about them.

27:00 Topic 2:  Cyberspace Solarium Annual Report talking about progress to meeting objectives over the last year,

38:05 Topic 3 - Sinclair's poll on asset owner's view of IEC 62443 Security Levels,

44:21 Wins, Fails and Predictions

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