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Unsolicited Response Podcast

Jan 2, 2018

Dale Peterson talks about the 2018 plans for this podcast, S4 and his consulting in this shorter 13-minute episode. He also talks about Digital Bond alumni spread throughout the industry and how this is likely the best time in ICS security for career opportunities and the opportunity to make a difference.

It was done from my cabin in Utah without the normal microphones used in the podcast so a bit lower voice quality than usual.

0:50 Unsolicited Response Podcast Plans

2:20 S4 Plans

7:50 Dale's Consulting Plans

10:20 Alumni and ICS Security Career Opportunities

Some of the Digital Bond ICS Security Alumni

  • Reid Wightman (twice)
  • Michael Toecker
  • Stephen Hilt
  • Corey Thuen
  • Marco Cajina
  • Charles Perine
  • Jason Holcomb
  • Kevin Lackey
  • Daniel Peck
  • Martin Solum
  • Frank Marcus
  • Paul Asadoorian 
  • Landon Lewis
  • Matt Franz
  • Jeff Dell
  • Felix Mack